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You are not meant to live a dull life.

That can change today. Discover the Father’s rich love in the Jesus story, and let it bring colour into your life–forever.

Do you long for a life full of hope, joy and meaning—a life bursting with colour?


What does it look like to have the abundant life that Jesus promised?

Journey through the Jesus story in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John to discover the Father’s love in all its colours — and how it fills your life forever with fullness of colour.

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Colour My Life

“But You bring back the summer
Bring back the laughter
Bring back the colour in my days…”

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Communion of Love

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The Story...

Before you were born, God wrote your story.

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An eternal story, still unfolding today. still unfolding today.

Jesus says, Come all who are thirsty, drink from My life freely
Father says, Come, My beloved child, be a part of My story
The greatest story through all history
Lasting all eternity, this is your destiny…

from “Christ in His Story” by JStorylive

Would you come and be a part of the Jesus story?

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Experience the Father's love

in all its colours

Choose a colour:


passionate love

of the Father


yoke-shattering love

of the Father


nurturing love

of the Father


life-giving love

of the Father

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Father has a gift within a gift awaiting your embrace. As you receive the gift of His Son, another gift awaits you…


Embrace the limitless gift of the Holy Spirit

in all His fullness

The unwrapping is unending as the gift is endless.

The more you unwrap, the more you will discover that you never walk alone. The Holy Spirit is your lifelong companion who unlocks God’s unique story for your life as you journey with Him.

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This life-transforming gift awaits you...

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