Colour My Life Series

Our new series, Colour My Life, has launched!

You are not meant to live a dull life.
That can change today. Discover the Father’s rich love in the Jesus story, and let it bring fullness of colour into your life forever.

About Us...

Fun Facts...

How is "JStorylive" pronounced and what does it mean?

Pronounced: J-S-story-live (as in “live TV”).

JStorylive is short for “the Jesus story, live in our lives”. At the same time, it happens that J and S represent the Jesus Story in James’ and Sarah’s lives (that’s us!). As we live His story and express it, our desire is that it will become our shared story–yours and ours.

Imagine your favourite movie playing right now on the screen. Even better–you can watch it LIVE while it is actually being filmed. But best of all, the Hero stops mid-story, looks you in the eye, and invites you to step through the screen to join Him in the rest of the story.

That’s what it is. The greatest story. The story of all stories. And it’s playing LIVE in our lives!

How did the idea for JStorylive come about?

It all began in our days back in school, when God first planted the seeds of His calling in us, for the gospel (James) and worship music (Sarah).

Several years later, while we were still working in our jobs, the puzzle pieces started coming together. We were captivated and overflowing with joy as we journeyed through our discovery of His grand story and His love for us.

What does the logo mean?

The sword is symbolic of God’s word, which is powerful and alive. This Word carries His glory, as symbolised by the rainbow. It is also reminiscent of His promises to His children, to bring colour (life) back into their lives!

*The logo was designed by our good friend, Kyn, who has an amazing artistic gift.

What accent is that? Where are you from?

We are from Singapore. Over here, we speak an interesting variation of English called…Singlish. We will try to tone down on our accent so that we can be clearly understood by you, hopefully. But if you can’t catch what we are saying at any point, feel free to give us a little nudge in the comments!

Get to know us...


Meet James...

James is always up for a good story, in the form of a movie. But his deepest passion is for the greatest Story of all stories. Since he received Christ as a teenager, he has had an insatiable appetite for God’s Word, which is surprising since he has never been much of a reader. In college, God began to show him that his calling is to share the gospel, the Jesus story.

His passion is to share the Father’s astounding love that is for all of His children (that’s you!) through speaking and writing. It is his burning hope that as he shares his journey into the story of all stories, his words through the Holy Spirit will deposit God’s love and life, glory and goodness to His people.

James enjoys a good cup of coffee. He loves spending quality time with family, including having long-winded conversations with Sarah about anything and everything, and cuddling and affectionately squeezing his little boy.

IMAGE 2021-10-06 20:42:25

Meet Sarah...

Sarah has always enjoyed storybooks and music from a young age. One of her favourite memories as a little girl was seeing her first rainbow. She’s a secret romantic at heart, but nothing would prepare her for the unimaginable love that she came to discover more and more after receiving Jesus into her heart as a teenager. In college, God began to show her that she has a calling in worship music.

Her passion is to share the Father’s astounding love that is for all of His children (that’s you!) through songs and writing. It is her fervent hope that these songs will be little pieces of blessings that the Holy Spirit will use to bring life, hope, joy and healing to His people.

Sarah has an incurable sweet tooth. She loves spending quality time with family, including having long-winded conversations with James about anything and everything, and tickling her little boy’s tummy.


Meet Samuel...

Samuel likes wheels, wheels, and more wheels! He enjoys story time while snuggling up to daddy/mummy, especially if the stories include pictures of animals, balloons, stairs, ice cream cones, moons and stars, and of course, wheels. He likes most types of food but has a special fondness for those that comes from from daddy’s and mummy’s plates.

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Other questions...

Do you have a statement of faith?

*You can read our statement of faith here.

Which Bible translations are referenced in your videos and articles, and why those translations?

We usually refer to more direct translations; personally, we find it easier that way to cast light on details that impact the message of a passage.

Do feel free to continue reading the variety of valuable translations available, as appropriate to your needs. Reading from more than one translation could be helpful as well.

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