Colour My Life: Story Behind the Song

When the Word came from the Father,
He brought life in full
Healing the broken He cried,
My kingdom has come!

(“Christ in His Story”)

It had been a long season of God excavating the rocky soils of my heart. And my, did I (Sarah) need it! For too long, this heart had been choked with a web of fears, hurts, insecurities and lies that the enemy–with my dutiful support–had masterfully woven over the years.

“Oh, Father,” I cried out silently, “would You chase away all the dark clouds of my past and how I used to see the world? Will I ever see the light of day, and become all You have made me to be?”

As I ran out of words to pray, I turned to song and began to scribble… I’ve been looking through the pictures…

The Running Track of God's Colour

rainbow track

Could it be true? I thought, hope and longing blossoming within. Would You bring me to place where I can truly live Your life of freedom, adventure and overflowing joy? Where darkness no longer clouds my vision, and my heart can soar to unlimited heights without the weight of pain and fear?

Would You, dear Father, turn the barren and grey places of my life into a beautiful garden of Your glory?

And it was from this personal prayer that the song Colour My Life flowed. What I did not know then was that this song would be the beginning of a journey–indeed, a life-transforming journey–into the very heart of our Father who longs, yes, longs! to give overflowing, gloriously abundant life to His children. And while I was flailing my arms so desperately pleading for Him to please, please bring me into this beautiful horizon of hope, joy and fruitfulness, He might have laughed with glee because the desperate cry of my heart was His very desire to fulfill; and how much more strongly His desire burns!

For in all my pleadings, I had all but forgotten–the One I was pleading to was the very Giver of life Himself, the One who created all things and gave them living breath.

And oh, how much more life He desires to give than we can even imagine!

And so…a journey of hope. A journey of healing. A journey of joy. A journey of discovering how His love overcomes all the fears, lies and darkness and brings fullness of colour into my life. An unexpected journey, for quite often, things did not quite turn out the way I imagined. Sometimes, the garden I thought I desired was not the one He led me into, because what He desired for me was far greater than I could conceive. But unlike the “gardens” and joys of the world, which ebb and flow and are fleeting, the garden of life He gives contains fruit that endures through the ups and downs of all that we go through; and this fruit will never wilt, but lasts forever.

And I now know without a doubt that this song, while birthed in my own little cry, is a promise not just for me–but for ALL His children. A promise to come, drink from His life freely. A life that brings colour and joy to your soul forever. A life that will never run dry…

Listen to the Colour My Life song;
Read God’s story through the bible in a 3-minute poem


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