Mirror on His Wall: Song Video + Lyrics

There are mirrors and measures everywhere we look—sadly, mirrors that distort how we see ourselves.

They might be the KPIs at work…or grades at school. Or the beauty standards of our day. Whether you managed to clean your home this week. The number and significance of your accomplishments. Or what you believe you need to be in order to to be of value—smart, wise, mature, gifted, godly, influential—and the list goes on…

But what if there’s only one mirror that can show us who we truly are? What would you see if you could gaze into this mirror?

Have you been looking in the mirror a little longer
Have you been wishing for help transforming all your flaws
If only this could be thinner
If only that could be braver
Then maybe they’ll finally see me

Have you been scrolling through the pictures of others
Have you been gazing at the faces trying to find your flaws
Each one becoming your mirror
So you can find the right measure
To see if you are worthy

But the only true mirror
The only one measure
Is His love for you that says you’re incomparable
The only one model
Is when you look in that mirror
You’ll see your true measure
The love of your Father

If you’ve been looking in His mirror a little longer
You might be wondering why He doesn’t seem to see your flaws
But only that you’re His daughter
The lovely one He desires
Your flaws have been buried by the cross

Hear the mirror, mirror, mirror on His wall
You’re His precious, holy, righteous, glorious one
Hear the mirror, mirror, mirror on His wall
You’re beloved, whole and treasured, beautiful one

You’ll see your true measure that has no measure


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