Song of Your Possible (Song Video + Lyrics)

When I (Sarah) wrote this song, I was fresh out of school, and it felt like my life stretched out ahead like a question mark. There were the dreams and promises that God had given, humming in my soul. But how could they possibly become real?

I dreamed of a beautiful marriage and family–but was terrified of being in one and the vulnerability that came with it. I jumped with excitement when I felt God’s call on my life for worship music and helping His people grow–but my lack of confidence loomed like a mountain in the way. Besides, I had more than enough issues of my own. How could I ever possibly help others?

As little children, our lives teemed with dreams. It was so easy to dream; we saw no limits–only joy, only what’s possible. But as we grow, so many things would begin to murmur “no” to our God-given dreams and destinies. The situations say “no”. Our doubts and fears say “no”. The enemy shouts an emphatic “no”.

But God says “YES. Yes, it is possible with Me”.

With Him, what we might call poor event planning and bad resource allocation can result in an overflow of exceptional wine and delighted guests. With Him, a blind man who goes out begging can return home the same day seeing his world bursting with colour for the first time. With Him, a pitiful portion of bread can feed thousands of families with more leftovers than what was there at the start. With Him, all things are POSSIBLE.

Have you been hearing “no” lately to God’s dreams and promises in your own life? I pray that this song will speak God’s resounding YES over your God-given dreams once again. Let them come to the fore. Let them be ignited…and in His perfect time, may they blossom and come into fruition. Let’s sing the song of HIS possible.

Verse 1:
When the hope is fading from my eyes
I won’t lose the fire for You are my light
When limitations are clouding my vision
I won’t lose my sight, oh God be my guide

God of impossible
You’re making it possible

One man
Gazing at the stars
Listening to the sound of Your promise in his heart
I’m running out of my tent
Running out into the open skies
Singing the song of Your possible

When my fear is becoming my wisdom
I won’t lose my mind, Your love is my sign
When condemnation’s accusing my freedom
I won’t lose the fight
You’re the perfect sacrifice

God of impossible
With You it is possible


You are creator of old
You were there when the worlds began
You’ll be there when the story ends
You are creator of all
With a word You made the world
Is there anything in this world that is not possible

One Man
Lifting up our scars
Became the brightest sound of Your promise in our hearts
I’m running out of my tent
Running out into the open skies
Singing the song of Your possible


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