Colour My Life Series

Our new series, Colour My Life, has launched!

You are not meant to live a dull life.
That can change today. Discover the Father’s rich love in the Jesus story, and let it bring fullness of colour into your life forever.


Each season, we release a series of video messages, songs and more to let you immerse in the Jesus story and get intimate with the Father’s heart.

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Colour My Life Series

What does it look like to have the abundant life that Jesus promised?

Journey through the Jesus story in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John to discover the Father’s love in all its colours — and how it fills your life forever with fullness of colour.

Let it speak, let it ring

Pray it. Sing it. Live it.

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Are you a cell/group leader? You can get bundles of 5 at significant discounts.

OR journey with a friend and get pair discounts!

*available for the Internalise package only

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Bundles of 5

  • Get 1 to 2 bundles 50% discount

    For 5-10 people

  • Get 3 to 4 bundles 55% discount

    For 15-20 people

  • Get 5 bundles & more 60% discount

    For 25 people and more

Duo packages

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