A 3-minute poem of God's grand story through the entire Bible. Experience how each part of the story connects beautifully to the centrepiece: the Jesus story.

Christ in His Story

Come, would you be a part of My story?

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In the beginning, the story’s commencement
God spoke the Word, breathed life on creation
God and humanity in perfect communion
Man and creation in peaceful consonance

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But the serpent was craftiest, with lies he sparked the crisis
We believed his deception, and descended into corruption
Hiding from God ashamed, for sin had bit our conscience
Creation now marred by death and toil, now afflicted, now in conflict

Covenantal Anticipation

Then God to Noah spoke hope anew: I will redeem creation
To Abraham was His promise sworn: I will bless your children
Through Moses a nation called in covenant: I will write My commandments
From David forever sown a royal line: I will reign through Christ




When the Word came from the Father,
He brought life in full colour
Healing the broken He cried,
My kingdom has come!


It was love that drove the Father and Son
To choose His crucifixion
So when He rose in glory we would have His victory —
Such was the Father’s compassion!


And now He breathes His Spirit on us:
Receive, beloved child!
Restoring our sweet communion,
Adventure in our co-mission!


Continuation & Application

What Jesus began as a blazing preview, the Spirit is now our fuel to continue
Till the news reaches all nations, and the mission finds completion
With the apostles’ epistles, our map in life’s contexts
We will forge the course, towards the likeness of Christ

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We who follow Christ will receive our crowns
We who follow Truth will be death’s conquerors
We who follow to the last will see the serpent crushed
We will walk the way of love, into eternal celebration

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God has written the conclusion, the story’s consummation
A new heaven and earth, a glorious new creation
God and His children in blissful communion
Dwelling with His creation in joyful consonance


Jesus says, Come all who are thirsty, drink from My life freely
Father says, Come, My beloved child, be a part of My story
The greatest story through all history
Lasting all eternity, this is your destiny

The Spirit says, Come, the bride says, Come
Jesus says, I will soon come, we say, Yes Lord Jesus, Come
Father, Son and Spirit, with us forever…
Forever and ever, happily ever after…

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Love, God

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Yes, I'm coming!

R.S.V.P. Prayer

Real. Simple. Very. Powerful.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Yes, I come to you through the Lord Jesus, I come to be part of Your great story
Though I am but a wayward sinner, please by Your grace set me free
Forgive me my past failings, by Your Son’s blood spilled on that tree
You raised Him from the dead in victory, triumphant on my behalf for eternity

And now as Your beloved child, into Your arms I joyfully race
To Jesus forever I give my hand, to have and to hold now and always
As Your Spirit lights this heart ablaze, with Your love to guide me all my days
To see my destiny as I walk Your ways, and live Your glorious story by Your grace

I will, from this day forth wholeheartedly, live this life of mine all for Your glory
I long for the day I see Your face, till then, come make Your home with me

In Jesus’ name,

Giving your life to Jesus for the first time?

That is amazing! We–along with God and all of heaven–are so, so thrilled and happy for you!
Where do I go from here?
You may wish to talk to a friend who loves God and whom you feel comfortable sharing with, so that he/she can journey with you. (Of course, you can also reach out to us and we’ll be in touch!) Meanwhile, let’s celebrate the start of your eternal adventure!

R.S.V.P. Song

Celebration time!

I received Your invitation
Lord here is my heartfelt acceptance
I believe in the death for my atonement, the life and resurrection of Your Son
Now I come

To receive my new life’s commencement
With Your adoption confirmation
With Your Spirit You sign and seal my heart with Your life
Now I’m forever Your son

Chorus: From this day on
I wanna be in Your story, live for Your glory
No longer alone
I’m gonna walk Your ways ooh by Your grace
And now my song
Is let me live Your story all for Your glory
Never alone
Your love will guide my ways ooh all my days

This is no new year’s resolution
It is my death and resurrection
Yeah it’s goodbye to the lies, to my new freedom I rise, and find my life in Your Son
Now I come

As a child into Your kingdom
To receive my inheritance
Your Spirit in my heart, a taste of what is to come
Now I’m forever Your son


Oh it’s time I come come come come come to my Father
I won’t run run run from Your arms anymore
Yes I come come come come to my Father
I will run run run to Your arms once more
Here I come come come
Hand in hand with Jesus forevermore

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