You’re Made to be Free to Smell the Flowers

You're made to be free to smell the flowers

May we extend His invitation to you today?

Come, weary soul, He wants to give you rest.

Dear son and daughter,

I know you are tired. You may feel you shouldn’t be–you may feel you should be strong. But I don’t need you to be strong on your own. Let Me be Your strength. Let Me lift you up today. Let Me give you rest. Let Me refresh your weary soul once again, each day.

You’re made for a carefree life. Yes, I can’t wait to bring you on a life of adventure with Me! But sometimes the weight of life’s cares, troubles, and demands are just so heavy. So many “not-enoughs, so many i-should-have-done-this-better, so many what-if-this-doesn’t-go-well”.

Dear son and daughter, don’t be afraid. I see the troubles of your day, the weight you carry. The expectations on your heart that you feel you need to fulfill. I see it all. I see everything you need, and I carry them on My shoulders. Don’t you remember how precious you are, My dear child? Don’t you see the flowers on the hill, the sun that rises each day on my children without fail? That’s My hand. And it’s My hand today that will hold you and will hold the cares that weigh upon your shoulders.

Might a life of carefree adventure with your Father be awaiting you just around the corner?

“When you stand on My shoulders
You see that My feet are upon the waters
You don’t need to learn to swim
All you have to do is believe
That the weight is on My shoulders
You’re made to be free to smell the flowers
Just remember, it’s an adventure with Me!”
–lyrics from “On My Shoulders”


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